iStock 000014075898XSmall Custom Plastic BottlesPlastics and Co-Pack LLC specializes in custom plastic bottle design and production. We operate facilities both in the USA and in Mexico with a wide range of  capabilities to produce custom made stretch blow molded plastic bottles. The initial cost of producing custom bottles for small to medium projects has traditionally been too high  for small startups in our industry. However Plastics and Co-Packing LLC has unique capabilities that allow us to lower plastic bottle mold design and production costs and pass those cost savings along to our customers. Packaging and design are an integral part of successfully selling any product. We can help clients of any size establish or redefine their brand image by supplying customers with a unique bottle shape that help define your brand. This does not have to come at a higher cost. Many times we are able to match or beat your total packaging costs by leveraging our production capabilities.

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