preforms PET PreformsPlastics and Co-Pack LLC is a distributor of PET preforms for some of the worlds largest manufacturers. Although our company does not manufacture preforms internally ourĀ  purchasing power allows us to distribute preforms of all shapes and sizes at a highly competitive price for manufactures both large and small. PET Preforms are used in the manufacturing of plastic bottles in excursion blow molding. The preform is a solid PET plastic tube that can be formed into a wide range of plastic bottles and containers. Each preform has a preset gram weight that ultimately drives the cost of the final bottle or container. We offer a wide range of preforms in several standard neck sizes ranging from very small preforms for two ounce plastic bottles to large mouth preforms for forming plastic jars and containers. Most PET preforms on the market are made in standard clear plastic however there is a growing trend in colored PET preforms. We offer a wide range of solid colors as well as a variety of tinted transparent preforms from light blue to gradient red. In today’s competitive market the right packaging that stands out from your competition can make the difference between a highly successful line and one that does not stand out from the rest.