Plastics & Co-Pack LLC offers a wide range of services to compliment our product offerings. Our unique capabilities help lower your overall costs in preparing products to go to market.

  • Co-Packing
    Co-Packing services are critical in today’s economy to remain competitive. If your business is making olive oil, we allow you to focus on your core competencies by providing bottles, caps, labels, and product packing services from liquid filling, capping, labeling and final packing.
  • Liquid Filling
    Liquid filling and capping of comestible goods requires a series of specialized capabilities and FDA approved facilities and quality control procedures. Our  facilities in San Diego CA will help you lower the cost of filling so you can focus on what you know best.
  • Product Labeling
    Product labeling can be costly without the right equipment and experience. Plastics and Co-Pack LLC will ensure your products are properly labeled every time. Whether your needs call for cut and stack labels or heat shrink bands, we have you covered.
  • Design Services
    Our team of design experts can help you create the perfect custom bottle for your needs. We provide original CAD drawings prior to mold production. We can also leverage our design expertise to help you with your product logo and label design.
  • Concept Creation
    Sometimes customs come to us with a product idea that needs to be refined or fine tuned for the market. We will gladly share with you  our wide range of experience in packaging and bottling liquids as well as our network of supplier partners to help you create and launch a successful bottled product.