Plastics and Co-Pack LLC is set up to take care of all of your liquid packaging needs from product development to final packing. Co-Packing is a sound strategy to help lower your overall costs and help you focus on your core competency of producing your products.

We specialize in filling and packaging comestible liquids such as edible oils, and food flavoringsĀ  at our state of the art facilities inĀ  San Diego CA. With rising fuel costs companies that produce bottled products on the east coast and distribute a large percentage of their inventory in California spend a great deal on transpiration of their finished goods. By partnering with our company to fill label and package your finished products the savings in transportation alone will be enough to justify sending us your filling and packaging business. On top of lowering your costs our team of experts can help improve your brand image by helping you re-design your packaging to crush the competition.